New Favorite Drug Store Doupes

Today I wanted to take a minute to share 3 of my new favorite drug store doupe's that I've found recently. I've been using each of these products daily since I got them and have been absolutely LOVING them! If you're in my Facebook group (if not then get in there gorgeous, click HERE to … Continue reading New Favorite Drug Store Doupes

The Mother’s Day Bundle

My mom is my very best friend and has worked her whole life to make mine easier. She has given me the world and I want nothing more to shower her with all the love and gifts on Mother's Day. But how do you take a lifetime of love and put that into one gift … Continue reading The Mother’s Day Bundle

Bye Bye Brass

You might remember when I went pink for the month of love. Well, I LOVED my pink and got so many compliments on it but I don't love the brassy hair it left me with once it washed completely out. Y'all, my hair was yellow and it was not cute. I did the blonde balayage … Continue reading Bye Bye Brass

March Ipsy Bag

I've been contemplating for a few months now on canceling Ipsy and decided last month that I'd go ahead and save that $10 per month...or so I thought. Instead I'd just put it on 'pause' for a month and was back in the swing come March. Y'all, I am so glad I didn't get last … Continue reading March Ipsy Bag

NAVY Style Navigator

We all know I don't wash my hair more than once every 2 weeks...but as much as I love not washing my hair, I hate the frizz I get on those last few days before washing. Today, I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret on how to tame the frizz and … Continue reading NAVY Style Navigator