My Christmas Outfit

Christmas is my favorite time of year! From the lights and decor to the true meaning behind it, I love it all and Christmas outfits are no exception. Today, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of this years Christmas outfit and where you can find each piece! Old Navy has never been my … Continue reading My Christmas Outfit

Glamber & Grace Shoppe

I've always loved little boutiques, in person or online. Boutique clothing is just my style and prices are usually super affordable. Well, I have recently found a new boutique and have quickly fallen in love! Glamber & Grace is a one woman show run by a beautiful soul named Amber! Amber is the most genuine … Continue reading Glamber & Grace Shoppe

Maskcara Holiday Deals

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, laughter, and yummy food! Now that the day is coming to a close, it's almost time for every shopaholic's favorite day of the year...BLACK FRIDAY! Tonight I'm going to spill the beans on all of Maskcara Beauty's amazing holiday bundles! Starting Black Friday at 12am … Continue reading Maskcara Holiday Deals


With it being thanksgiving week, I thought I'd make a post dedicated to all the things I'm thankful for! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times a year! Not only do we get to eat some amazing food, but it really makes you stop and appreciate different aspects of your life! Family My family is … Continue reading Thankful

November Ipsy Review

I contemplated signing up for Ipsy for months before I actually did. All of my friends that got the monthly bag only ever discussed the negative. They were receiving product repeats, the brands weren't quality, and the products weren't any good. I wasn't sure why I should spend $10 a month to get a bag … Continue reading November Ipsy Review

Restore Brush Cleaner

I've been using the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner for months! It cleans my brushes so well and makes them so soft with no dry time, BUT it's so harsh on my makeup brushes! You have to use the exact right amount to keep from ruining your brushes! With each clean, I was so worried about … Continue reading Restore Brush Cleaner

Lazy Day Hair

If you're a mom, you know that lazy day hair is just part of the gig. I've never been the girl to have the perfectly styled hair daily anyway, but after having my daughter two years ago, those perfect hair days are nearly extinct now. I have 4 go to lazy day styles to keep … Continue reading Lazy Day Hair

DIY 50s Housewife

My daughter is obsessed with the movie Trolls! When I say obsessed, I mean we've watched it 3 times per day on multiple occasions...don't judge us. I knew from the second she became obsessed with the movie that she would be Princess Poppy for halloween. I wanted us to have cute family costumes, but life … Continue reading DIY 50s Housewife

My Journey To Dry-Poo

When I tell people I only wash my hair once every 10+ days they always give me the same look and each asks the exact same general question, "How does your hair not look like a total grease-ball right now?" Well today, I'm here to share with you all of my tips and tricks to … Continue reading My Journey To Dry-Poo

Tres Leches Skincare

I've never been a huge skincare fanatic. I've always washed my face but I've just never found a product I loved that actually made any difference in my skin. I had really bad acne as a teen and no face wash, high end or drugstore, would ever help ease my irritated skin. I was embarrassed … Continue reading Tres Leches Skincare

What’s In My Bag?

I've always been the girl to carry huge bags! I want my purse to be big enough to hold any and everything I need throughout the day! Right now, I'm obsessed with anything blush pink and my Kate Spade fits the bill perfectly! Not only is it huge, it has some large sectioned pockets to … Continue reading What’s In My Bag?

The Denim Shirt

With the official "first day of fall" fast approaching, I thought I'd share some of my favorite fall looks and must have pieces over a few different posts! Today I'm going to highlight one my all time favorites, the denim button up shirt! It's so universal and can be worn multiple ways to create different … Continue reading The Denim Shirt

Love it or Leave it

This summer has flown by so quickly! I feel like just yesterday it was the first warm day of the year and now kids are back in school and fall is quickly approaching! Don't get me wrong, I love the laid back attitude of summer, but I love the fall! I love the weather, the … Continue reading Love it or Leave it

Maskcara Launch Weekend

    This past weekend has been one for the books! I went to the official launch party and convention for the makeup company I work for, Maskcara Beauty! To say this was one of the best weekends of my life is an extreme understatement! Not only did I learn so much about our company and … Continue reading Maskcara Launch Weekend


If you've ever asked me for a matte lipstick suggestion, you know every time I'll answer Colourpop! I can't even tell you how many times I've suggested their company to to beauty lovers everywhere! All of their products are such high quality and yet so affordable, they have beautiful shades and a wide variety of … Continue reading ColourPop